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About us

Helmed by the renowned Chef Christophe Lerouy, this industrial chic 26 counter-seat restaurant serves modern French Cuisine. “My cuisine is basically French, inspired by my beautiful travel memories and experiences from different countries. For Restaurant Lerouy, I wanted an open kitchen concept, cooking only dishes which are close to my heart.  The counter seating makes for better interaction with my guests, just like in my home. I want to deliver the best food possible, and have kept the number of guests small.”, said Chef Lerouy.  

Fans of Chef Lerouy’s cooking whilst he was at Dstllry, Restaurant Lerouy was opened in collaboration with Chef Willin Low of WildRocket and Chef Gwen Lim of Patisserie G. At Restaurant Lerouy, the cuisine is purely Chef Lerouy’s creation. Chef Willin said “we did not want to interfere with the cuisine as we love his food and thought it would be a pity if no one would experience it after he left Dstllry.” Chef Gwen added “you know these days we have so many choices where restaurants are concerned. It is difficult to be ‘wowed’ but that’s exactly what Chef Lerouy did when we ate his food early this year. Personally I admire his dedication and passion.”  

Lerouy was awarded one Michelin star by the Michelin Guide Singapore in 2019.